Think of Network Capital Insider as “Netflix” for Careers. We love to help interesting people do meaningful things.

Our subscription group’s mission is to democratize inspiration and offer personalized career guidance to all its members. As we march into the future, we will have reinvent ourselves multiple times with the help of communities. We will leverage data science and community building as our founding pillars and offer the following to our members:

1. This will be your personalized career coach in the form of global tribe of mentors. No matter what you are looking for, someone on Network Capital has done it. B school coaching, interview preparation, breaking into exclusive companies – we have you covered.

2. Full access to Network Capital TV: Masterclasses by CEOs, Nobel Laureates, distinguished writers, investors and young visionaries

3. Unfettered access to the world’s largest mentoring community

4. Daily office hours for 1:1 mentoring with leaders of distinguished credentials

5. Curated job board for exclusive jobs and internships

6. Full access to subgroups – sector, location, industry, higher studies, scholarship etc

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To understand the overarching mission of NC, check out Utkarsh’s INK talk and read his weekly column with Mint, one of the world’s largest financial dailies with an online reach of 33 million.