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NC – Ashoka University Career Conclave

August 24, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

No photo description available.The term “follow your passion” has increased nine-fold in English books since 1990. Yet many are not even sure what their passion is. Recently, Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck asked her students, “How many of you are waiting to find your passion?”. Dweck’s point was that passion is not something you just come across. Instead, it’s nurtured and developed over time through trial and error, grit and resilience. If we quit every time we encounter a stumbling block and blame it on a lack of passion, we are never going to grow and develop as professionals. This issue of personal growth and responsibility is becoming ever more pressing as technological change is transforming the way we work. In addition, increasing life spans are dramatically lengthening our careers, making it all the more important to find work that is fulfilling.
In their book “The 100-Year Life – Living and Working in an Age of Longevity”, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott make three key points. First, people have a real shot at living up to or more than 100 years. Second, the longevity of companies will shrink. Third, the whole concept of retirement and savings will change. The traditional three-stage life — full-time education leading to full-time work leading to full-time retirement — will give way to something a great deal more fluid, flexible, and multi-staged.
Keeping the 100-year life in mind, one of the most important skills of the 21st century will be the ability to reinvent oneself quickly and repeatedly. Even with the best technologies available for free, it can be very hard and lonely to do this alone. Instead, we should harness the power of communities and data science. Peer-to-peer skill sharing can help people discover themselves, and then build careers that have a purpose and meaning. That’s what we are trying to do in our small way at Network Capital.
In this experiential event in partnership with Ashoka University, we will curate conversations with alums from top schools, distinguished professionals and leading entrepreneurs so that participants can build strong mental models as they think about careers of tomorrow.


August 24, 2019
4:00 pm

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