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In this podcast, you will learn –

1. Insights from running a global information dissemination campaign

2. The importance of leveraging visual content in vernacular languages to fight the COVID pandemic

3. The role of youth leadership in bringing grassroots change with global impact

Irem Tumer is a former Youth Innovation Fellow and the current Focal Point for Youth Leadership and Participation at UNFPA HQ. She is passionate about reaching young leaders and youth-led organizations through leadership and participation programs of UNFPA. Irem is originally from Turkey is a member of the Istanbul Bar, where she had a legal practice focused on dispute resolution before joining UNFPA. Irem received a Master of Law degree from Istanbul Bilgi University, where she focused on youth participation in advancing SRHR through international human rights mechanisms for her thesis work. Beginning from her high school years, she has been interested in women’s issues and HIV/AIDS and has taken part in a number of local and international projects. She is an alumna of the G(irls) 20 Summit and Women Deliver Young Leaders programmes, and the President of the 81st International Session of the European Youth Parliament.

Visual communication as we know it today is constantly changing, and there’s at least one Brazilian working hard to help define that: Igor Lacerdino. Though he has a background in software engineering, Igor decided to change his career to pursue his passion for designing product solutions. Currently residing in Hungary, Igor leads a team of world-class designers who are all working together to help shape visual communication for Prezi, the presentation platform that’s already changed the way millions of educators, students, and businesses share their ideas.

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