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We are delighted to partner with Sankalp Forum for the 10th Sankalp Global Summit #SankalpGlobal18 in Mumbai, India. Book now: https://goo.gl/NV9FRL.

Vineet Rai, one of our premium members is the curator of the summit. Vineet is the Co-founder & Chairman of the Intellecap Group of companies Founder and Managing Director of Aavishkaar.

Context: Globally, there are 3 billion people living around the world that have limited access to basic services and improved livelihoods.

The good news though is that with the advent of technology, growing businesses and increased amount of capital, these 3 billion people have a chance to access and live a better life.

Businesses have over the years demonstrated their capacity to improve socio-economic landscapes globally. – Since 2009, Sankalp Forum has enabled common action and influenced advocacy to accelerate the impact businesses can have in empowering underserved communities. In the next 10 years, Sankalp Forum will continue to converge business and capital, with a sharp focus on improving access to welfare opportunities among these 3 billion.

With the announcement of the SDG’s, there is an unprecedented willingness among businesses and the larger global community to commit capital and management to solve development challenges, reduce vulnerabilities, and increase livelihood opportunities. What would it take to convert this intention to action?
The Aavishkaar – Intellecap group believes that to truly achieve transformative impact through business we need to create an enabling ecosystem that allows businesses to operate, scale and sustain in these markets.
In light of this, the 10th Sankalp Global Summit will focus on “Agenda 3 Billion – Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems,’ across five high-impact sectors, namely – agriculture, clean energy, health & WASH, digital financial inclusion, and livelihoods & gender. Building such an ecosystem with contextual business models, new forms of capital, technology and alliances is not easy. No one individual or organization can do this alone. But together – we can. This is why we are bringing together 1000 carefully curated entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, corporates, academics, policy makers, and other thought leaders from around the world to work together at the Sankalp Global Summit 2018 to learn, create, and collaborate.
Conversations at the 10th Sankalp Global Summit will tackle:

● Digital financial inclusion – How can we improve Financial Inclusion of underserved communities and businesses?
● Agriculture – How can we improve productivity and double smallholder farmer income?
● Health & WASH – How can we improve uptake of health services and nutrition across the country?
● Energy – How can we improve capacity and scale of off-grid renewable energy enterprises?
● Livelihoods & Gender – How can we support women and youth to take up more jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities?

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