Students and young professionals around the world face challenges figuring right careers. There are several blogs and sites that offer information, but they hard to navigate and get a real sense of the choices we have.

We often choose careers based on the following:

1. What has market value
2. What our successful friends and relatives seem to have done
3. What our well wishers believe is right for us
4. What makes our “profiles” look good. That is why statements like “should I do XYZ to build my profile for MBA” are often heard. The truth is that if we are too worried building our profile, we diminish our chances of actually making it.

To help deconstruct careers, bring in perspective from people who have been through the experience, we are starting a personalized career discovery and exploration system.

It will have the following features:

1. A short personalized quiz that will be discussed with a career coach

2. Conversations with people who are who you wish to be – mentors you can relate to. For example, if the quiz and conversation with your coach indicates preference for management consulting, development studies and space exploration, you will be matched with experts from these backgrounds

3. Career coach will work with you to create a career roadmap

Our principle for careers is based on “Ikigai”

In order to signup, you may use this link:

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