Anchal Goyal majored in Economics and built a career in Data Science. Her work experience includes Barclays and American Express. Anchal is a gender equity champion and is working towards her goal through Those In Need. She is a dance enthusiast, experimental chef and hopes to run her 1st marathon by May-2018! 

“My journey to MIT Sloan was a journey of self-discovery. The whole admission process, which lasted for almost two years for me, taught me that understanding who you are today is the first step to being who you will be tomorrow. There is immense wisdom in each of your life experience – be it of joy, sadness, or failure. What you learn out of each and how you allow them to shape you, is you. Moreover I feel this is what the admission committee looks in your application, through the lens of your work experience, your personal experiences, your interests – everything.

I started my career with Barclays. The most important thing I learnt there, and I am happy I learnt it so early in my career, was to say ‘No’. I felt the kind of work that the Global Finance Graduate program offered me was not my cup of tea. After much deliberation, I decided to move on to the consulting arm of American Express. Through projects with some of the biggest global brands in airline, lodging, retail and dining industries, I could see the impact of my work in tangible terms, and it drove me to give my all at the workplace. As a result of this dedication, I could build some very strong relationships with my leaders. This professional equity allowed me to discuss my MBA plans openly with my leaders. Their support, encouragement and the time they invested in writing LORs has been a valuable asset in my entire application journey.

Apart from work, for the past few years, my weekends went into growing and nurturing Those In Need, a social enterprise I co-founded. Those In Need aims to create a seamless social ecosystem by connecting NGOs with volunteers and CSR funds. Experiences with Those In Need instilled in me an acute sense of humility. Moreover, each of my team-mates – Abhishek Saini, Ishan Saran and Shreya Bhatia – added more color to my personality. Two major learning happened – one, I learned that the business of business is not just about business and second, people who you associate with majorly influence your thought process.

In early 2016, I decided that an MBA is the next logical step in my career. I needed to widen my arena of thoughts and also learn among a global peer set. In 2016, I did not get through any of the 3 colleges that I had applied to. Dejection took over me and in me grew a seed of doubt – doubt that I am not good enough. I spent weeks trying to figure out a way to improve. Through this struggle to find an answer on what was missing in my applications, I realized that they fell short on emotional maturity. I realized that I had put more thought on what ‘stories’ the Adcom would like to know – rather than showing them why these stories were meaningful to me. I showed them what I did, what my work meant to me and my goals in a way that was too superfluous. I realized that the applications require a more dedicated and sincere effort. Since then, I continuously looked out for guidance from my seniors and mentors on how I could bring out my true self on paper. I started reading – a lot (one thing that perhaps helped me the most. It gave me a lot of perspective on my work, my goals and myself). I talked to numerous alums, present students and career development team members to understand if and how an MBA would help me achieve my career goals.

I re-applied for the class of 2018. After several nerve wracking weeks spent in wait for interview calls and then the final decisions, I got some positive admit decisions. The calm and sense of accomplishment I felt was over-whelming. In the last two months, after much research, I have decided to go to MIT Sloan, as the school aligns better with what I want out of my MBA experience. I now lie in wait for the new chapter of life to start. No doubt, it would be a journey of self-discovery all over again.”

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