Yes, you can. Your deepest fears and your greatest weaknesses will take you there. Failure is only certain if you assume it.

The Carvajalino sisters chose to approach ignorance with empathy and instead of buckling among the sirens of “No, you can’t”, they turned chocolate into an online empowerment platform.

Karen, Daniela, and Stephanie – 23, 22, and 21 years old respectively – have turned sisterhood into friendship and partnership. They complement each other with their differences. As Karen explains, she’s primarily center-brain orientated, meaning that she drives action. She adds that drive to a Masters of Psychology in Neurolinguistics Programming. Daniela dominates with the left brain – logical, analytical, and mathematical – and brings financial and business training to the table. Stephanie balances the team with the right brain – creative, intuitive, and innovative – and is completing a degree in marketing and sales. Karen and Daniela flag Stephanie as the motivator of the group, but with their lust for life, contagious energy, grit, passion and execution of purpose, it’s impossible to say that any one of them is more inspiring than the other.

The Beginning

When they were 6, 7, and 8 years old, respectively, they started their first business together melting, molding and peddling homemade chocolates. The most important thing about this story is that they started by selling something that was already available in supermarkets. To be a successful entrepreneur you don’t need to do something new; you just need to do it better. The secret to the early success of the Carvajalino sisters was that they didn’t focus on the uniqueness of the product but rather focused on what made them unique as people. They respected who they were and used that as a strength.

The Carvajalino sisters were young, driven and part of their local community. They connected to their clients beyond chocolate and were a pleasure to receive at the other end of the doorbell. They’re now grown women, far from home and they offer online education rather than dessert but what has not changed is their loyalty to their uniqueness.


Is The Biz Nation the only digital entrepreneurship platform in the world? Absolutely not, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s run by three women who respect their culture, gender and age. The Colombian roots of the Carvajalino sisters give them intuitive insight into the needs of the Latino market. For them, being female is not a burden in the world of business, but rather allows them a unique connection to those facing prejudice on the road to entrepreneurship.

And their greatest strength? Youth. To see the opportunities of tomorrow we cannot use only the tools of yesterday. This is especially true in the field of online training where the agility of youth is needed to understand and keep up with the rapid changes in today’s technology driven market.

The Biz Nation

The Biz Nation makes you more productive. While in essence it’s an education platform, it clearly states that, “People don’t earn for what they know, they earn for what they do.” The Biz Nation helps you to get a job, get a better job, or start your own business. Its focus on getting things done landed the Carvajalino sisters an invitation from Barack Obama to present The Biz Nation at his inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2016. Later that year, they were nominated for the White House Champions of Change award.

The Biz Nation’s flagship course is a 20-hour journey through entrepreneurship and innovation. The course awakens and enables the business person in you and leaves you with the tools – both practical and personal – to lead your own enterprise. Take another course and you’ll learn to create your own mobile app, manage digital design tools, or become an expert in digital marketing.

The growth of The Biz Nation is just beginning. It invites experts in all fields related to personal empowerment to offer courses if they can meet The Biz Nation’s quality standards and integrate its unique teaching methodology (including neuro-linguistic programming, motivation, and learning by experience).

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