A former banker, Vidushi Mehra, holds an MBA in marketing and finance from the States.  She had a successful run of the corporate world for a little over a decade, having worked with GE Capital, American Express and the Royal Bank of Scotland, she switched her path to follow her creative pursuits. Now a musician, theatre artist, film actor and entrepreneur, Vidushi Mehra is a multi faceted, dynamic performer who has performed in over 45 productions on stage and received glowing reviews for each of her roles. Vidushi made her international stage debut in 2015 to packed theatres in Europe. Theatre aided her foray into the Indian Film Industry. She can be seen in strong supporting roles in films like AishaNo One Killed JessicaSaat Khoon Maaf,Bajaatey RahoFugly and Trip to BhangarhMoh Maya Money. She recently turned producer for the stage and after a very successful run of two productions namely Skylight  and Lives of others , she is currently producting a very powerful narrative by Brian friel called Molly Sweeney, a story of  bind woman. She considers this play and role to be most challenging till date.

These are her reflections.

“I am an actor. The process of creating something unique through my skills is the most desirable to me . My vision is to make theatre a commercial art form , people shouldn’t choose between theatre and cinema , as cinema brings more grandeur. Theatre is so true to life , so close and live to an audience , why shouldn’t it be a tool , a catalyst for people to come together . I switched my career from being a hard core banker to a freelance actor . One couldn’t imagine me dropping a stable career to pursue a passion : a volatile passion at that . Acting is a highly unpredictable art form , it doesn’t guarantee you a fixed schedule or income . There have been times when I have lamented and wondered why ? As my financial independence meant everything to me . But I guess having worked as an artiste on stage and in film I rather enjoy the easiness of unemployment in this field than have a hugely productive banking career . This is because I love what I do now . It’s not a job and feel extremely previliged to have gotten a second chance . There have been many career highlights both in banking and in acting . However when you see a form of your own money take shape into a story that eventually gets staged , that people love and adore , there is no higher credit to the self . Everyday observations of people in my own family , friends , co artists , people on the street , they all become mentors for actors especially for me . It’s life . Life is the biggest mentor for me . If I could turn the clock back to when I was 18, I would have studied the art form . I plan to go to acting school at some stage even if it means being a grand old lady ! To love what you do and to do what you love is s treasure to be cherished . If you can achieve this , you ‘ll be the richest in life forever.”

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Ushamrita · September 28, 2017 at 5:18 pm

What a lovely journey… i feel this will be a journey my life, too, will mimic. All the best, Vidushi! May you fulfil all your creative ambitions & aspirations.

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