Alvin Ross Carpio has been featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. He founded the Fourth Group as a global community that studies and builds emerging technology that will influence politics in the future.

Alvin has lectured at the University of Connecticut, has delivered keynote speeches in the House of Lords, and has debated in Cambridge Union. He has also appeared on CNN, BBC, Televisión Española, AFP, and Channel 4 to discuss politics, economics, and social change.
As a community organiser, Alvin led the Citizens’ Inquiry into the Tottenham Riots. This grassroots effort engaged 10,000 local people and helped lead to jobs for young people and the suspension of section 60 stop and searches in the area.

Before completing his master’s degree in social policy at the LSE, Alvin ran soup kitchens for homeless people and did research for the think-tank Demos. He has also worked for the social business Catch22 focused on crime, youth justice, and gangs

He’d love to connect with folks working on ideas at the intersection of politics and tech. Join the movement!

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