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His article:

My journey to Tesla

Quick Snapshot: DCE Delhi -> Technology Strategy, EY -> USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles -> Technology Strategy, Tesla Inc. Bay Area

At the outset, I’d like to thank Utkarsh Amitabh who has set up such an exemplary group of individuals from different walks of life. In my humble opinion, I believe human relations, be at work or in personal life, are key to one’s success and even happiness. Mentorship in its simplest form is only but a type of human relationship. Anyways, I’ll spare you guys with the gyan, and get to the crux of the matter.

Let me begin by saying that I was never a top academic achiever. I had what you call a “five point someone” academic story back in my undergrad days at DCE. Had my share of no-shortlists, no interview calls, many rejections and everything that you can think of. After a ton of rejections, I landed a decent job at a firm which later failed to give the joining. EY happened. I was fortunate to get responsibilities to advise clients across Real Estate, Telecom, Media, Telecommunication and Oil & Gas industries. With a 99th percentile in CAT 2013, I got admits to a few top 10 b-schools in India. But I chose to stay in EY and aim for something bigger. As it turned out, that was the best decision I ever made.

With a decent GMAT score and EY work experience, I managed to get an admit at USC Marshall with a scholarship.

I would like to share two specific preparation tips for interviews in consulting and technology post MBA.

Consulting interviews: I interviewed with BCG, LA office and got a reject in the final round. Here are some tips for consulting interview prep:

  • Watch Victor Cheng videos. Consulting interviews, especially Mckinsey, BCG, Bain are extremely competitive and one mistake can make or break the interview. Victor Cheng doesn’t give you quick fixes, he focuses on certain behaviors and patterns that if imbibed over a period of time will increase the probability of success massively
  • Practice casing with peers, then 2nd years and then Consultants.
  • Read about different industries. This knowledge will help you solve the case, use industry specific language.
  • Once you get an interview invite, approach people working at the firm to case you. I went to BCG office for a prep case and had practiced several cases with 3 different consultants before my Round 1. Trust me that helps a lot!

Technology interviews: I interviewed with Tesla, Linkedin and Cisco. I networked a lot within Tesla, and based on my interactions with people working there, I got a great understanding of what makes this firm so unique. Again, by connecting with people and slowly building a relationship I was able to an interview call with the firm. This relationship building helps a lot, once the person you network has invested time in you, he or she naturally has a tendency to see you succeed. This is exactly mentorship is based on. I can’t lay more stress on this simple yet powerful tool. That gave me a lot of information about the what they expect the candidate to know and how they expect him to behave. The interview process itself, then, was a breeze. It was a conversation and my name had already been floated in the team. The same logic applied even to consulting.

Within two weeks of my interview with Tesla, I got to know that I have made it to the hottest/greenest firm in the whole world where freaking robots are building cars! The feel good factor to work at such a place is amazing. I couldn’t be happier and dedicate this to each and every person that gave the guidance and support. I know that’s a clichéd statement but as you go along the life’s journey you keep realizing how important are the people around you- your team, your peers, your family. For a (former, pre-EY) introvert like me, this fact was hard to absorb but eventually I have and now reaping its benefits.

To all those, who have a low academic grade in undergrad, or don’t have a branded-company job, or didn’t make it to the Ivy-league b-school. Don’t lose hope, believe in yourself.

You. Never. Know!

So, reach out to people, learn about them, build relationships, find a mentor, mentor someone. Also, did I mention freaking robots are building cars?!”

His testimonial.

“Thrilled to let you guys know that I will be joining MBA summer internship program at Tesla Motors this summer. I was encouraged to share my experience by Utkarsh Amitabh sir, who has been guiding me all along this journey with so many ups and downs. Coming from a non-ivy league school, USC Marshall school of business, the kind of interview opportunities (Consulting or Corporate Strategy) that I have had was no less than a student at top 10 or 5 b-school. This simply wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all the mentors that I was privileged to have from Delhi College of Engineering, Marshall and the members of this group. This reinforces the very principal that this group is based on- the power of mentorship and network.

Happy to give back to the network!”

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