One of the goals of Network Capital is to democratize inspiration and enable continual peer-to-peer learning. Towards that end, we will invite young leaders to share their career trajectories, future vision and key lessons from failures and successes. It is my pleasure to introduce Eva-Maria Olbers who will be joining us on April 9, 5:30 PM UK time.

“Eva is passionate about education and technology. When she was a teenager, she worked as a teacher in a small village in Rajasthan, India, which sparked her interest to find out how technology can be used to make education more accessible around the world. Eva worked in consulting and at an education technology startup and is currently working for Microsoft, where she helps startups in their growth strategy. Her next step will bring her to the Harvard Kennedy School, where she wants to help make education more inclusive through policy setting. In her free time, she is founding a mentorship program in Kabul, Afghanistan. She strongly believes in the power of mentorship, people and networks and looks forward to connecting and sharing through Network Capital!”

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